What is the ESMS Challenge?


 Goal: Bring the spirit of Christmas into everyday!

Challenge: Select a nonprofit organization within the community, raise money to meet their needs and volunteer our time.

Our Choice: Chester County SPCAlogo_smallHow are we tackling the challenge?

We are making a difference by raising funds to purchase items on their “Wish List.” Founded in 1929, the CCSPCA is dedicated to ending animal suffering as well as involving the entire community in the welfare and well-being of animals. It is an open access, no-kill shelter covering both Chester and Delaware Counties.

Your turn: We challenge you to get out in the community and help a cause that means a lot to you!

If you wish to donate supplies to the CCSPCA on behalf of the ESMS Challenge, please click the link below to order much needed items. After selecting the items you graciously wish to donate, indicate that you are supporting the ESMS Challenge within the “Choose gift options” section of checkout and your message will appear on the packaging slip!


If you wish to donate funds directly to the ESMS Challenge, please email Liz at lizricci21@gmail.com or Ashley at mattes.ashley@gmail.com.

To learn more about the CCSPCA, visit their website by clicking the link below!



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