CCSPCA Field Trip


The ESMS Team took a field trip on Wednesday June 24th to the Chester County SPCA. We got to meet with Micaela Malloy, the Development Manager, and Eli Martinez, who is in charge of the Strategic Partnerships & Advancement, to further discuss the ESMS Challenge. Micaela had an affinity for animals from a young age and eventually channeled this compassion into a career dedicated to helping shelter animals. She is especially passionate about working for an open admission shelter that accepts stray animals from two counties. And Eli, an avid animal rights activist, enjoys the excitement of an open access shelter and its daily challenges.  We encourage you to visit the shelter and/or donate much needed supplies by going to their Wish List and mention the “ESMS Challenge” within the gift card section.

Have a great day in CHESTER COUNTY!


IMG_3281 IMG_3303 IMG_6489

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