“Badges and Bagels” Program- ESMS Field Trip Westtown East Goshen Police Station

The Westtown East Goshen Police and ESMS Team
award case 2
Police Showcase!

On Wednesday July 15, 2015 Cynthia, Liz, Joshita, and Ashley (the ESMS team) were lucky enough to tour the Westtown East Goshen Police Station. We wanted to show our appreciation to the police officers and learn what they do in their daily schedule. Quickly we learned that every day is different and each day can have them in diverse situations. Upon arriving at the station we met with several of the officers, and other staff members of the department who imparted their expertise on traffic safety, forensics, and their everyday duties. On our tour we got to see the armory which held the station’s weapons and the Forensics lab where the detectives had various different methods for investigating crime. Also we got to check out a newly designed and technologically advanced Police Car and also holding cells where people who were arrested are held until they see a judge. After touring the facility we realized how much these officers do for our community and all the work they put in to keep us safe.

“Badges and Bagels: Support Your Local Law Enforcement!”

Giving back is a theme we often hear about, yet carries a whole new meaning when those thoughts turn into actions. Our ESMS team started taking bagels to the local police station in December 2014 and we continue to do this monthly as our way of showing the officers that they are appreciated and to brighten their day! The program name, “Badges and Bagels”, was developed by ESMS intern Liz Ricci! We wanted to share this concept to help encourage others to adopt their own version of “Badges and Bagels” as a way of thanking our law enforcement team for keeping our communities safe! Create your own “Badges and Bagels” program today!

From the Interns Desk-Thanks, Ashley, Liz & Joshita

girls PT
Joshita, Liz & Ashley
award case PT
Police Showcase

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