ESMS in the Classroom “Public Speaking”

public speaking

“Public Speaking”

Classroom Notes

  • Make an outline
  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • Know your audience
  • Have confidence, and play the role
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses

Summary of the lesson

Public speaking is a fear that many individuals have. When public speaking make on outline of what you want to say with all of your information so you do not miss anything of importance. Practice with the full outline a few times, and then condense what you have to short bullet point notes that spark the full thought. As we all know, eye contact is an essential part of public speaking and needs to be incorporated. Make sure you practice but be careful to practice sounding conversational and natural because you don’t want to come off as rehearsed or insincere. Practicing will add a layer of confidence to your speech. Another important part about public speaking is making sure you know your audience to be able to tailor it to them. Speaking to high school students versus a retirement home could be two very different speeches, even with the same topic.

My Assignment

After our lesson about Public Speaking, Cynthia asked the interns to think of a topic they were passionate about and create a speech to share with the team. I chose to do a speech about Instagram because it is a strong social media tool. Before speaking I researched Instagram in detail so I could be more knowledgeable than the average user. My next step was to create an outline so I knew when I would talk about each subject. Then I started to practice and make sure I knew the total functionality of the application. I wasn’t too nervous because being around the ESMS team is very comforting so I made my speech and explained the application to the team.

What we think

“Public speaking is a difficult task for almost everyone because it is something we are taught to do but when it comes time to do it, it is terrifying. With Cynthia’s help we are practicing to harness that confidence. Her tips are bits of information we will cherish to help us along.”

From the Interns Desk- Thanks, Ashley and Liz

pub;lic speaking

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