ESMS in the Classroom “Networking”


Liz at the Michael Halebian & Co, Inc. Golf Tournament!

Classroom Notes

  • Human interaction AND social media
  • Relationships are key
  • Voice your goal
  • Resources-use them and be one
  • Connections, conversations and listening

Summary of the lesson

Networking is all about relationships. One on one meetings are key to building and maintaining relationships because these relationships could lead you right to your next life goal. Whether you realize it or not, networking is in your everyday life. The people you meet on any given day could impact your life greatly. Face to face interactions are valuable in society today because our generation is used to utilizing technology as a way of developing social skills. This is not necessarily negative because networking through social media is important; however, it is also extremely important to learn to talk comfortably in person with someone to get you to that next level and set you apart from others. Make sure everyone in your world is aware of your goal because the more people who are aware of your goal, the more support and help you can get. Get in touch with professors, coworkers, peers, past employers, and see who can get you connected to the next level. Ultimately, networking is something we need to copy from social media and move to a real life situation.

What we think

“Networking really is all about relationships, online and in person. It is crucial to get out from behind our computers to meet new people and strengthen existing connections. By using resources and being one, we can all benefit and reach our goals, whatever they might be.”

From the Interns Desk- Thanks, Ashley, Liz, and Joshita

Jules, Victoria and Sid at the LC Autobody Grand Opening.
Ashley Dennon at WCU Cottrell Event.
Ashley Mattes & Liz Ricci with Sunrise Rotary.

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