Bianca’s Job Search Journey

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As I am nearing the middle of my very last semester at West Chester University, I am beginning my job search journey. My goal is to secure a job this semester so that I can start right after I graduate. Cynthia has been a big help as she has been connecting me with people in her network that may be able to help me. I met with one of her connection’s that works as a Communications Specialist at Siemens Health Care. We discussed how he got to the position he is in, and he gave me advice on finding a job that is right for me.

I have also been utilizing LinkedIn to check what job opportunities are available. I found it has been harder to find entry-level jobs that I fit the criteria for on LinkedIn, but the WCU Ram Career Net has opened a lot of doors for me. There are mostly entry-level positions for graduating students. I have applied to multiple companies and have heard back from them all. Most of them tell me they would love to interview me, but not until March/April. They will reach back out to me then, and I will also start applying to positions more heavily then.

I have also reached out to a cousin of mine who works for an advertising agency in Philadelphia. She told me I would make a great addition to the company and encouraged me to apply. I used her name for reference in the application, hoping that will help me get a foot in the door.

As for now, I have been to a few interviews, which is great practice for me whether I get the job or not. I will continue searching for positions and connecting myself with people in Cynthia’s network.

With graduation only two months away, I have been feeling an array of emotions.  I cannot believe that my educational career is coming to an end.  My whole life I have been going to school; it’s the only lifestyle I know.  Now, I will be shifted into a work lifestyle.  It is both scary and exciting to start this new chapter of my life.  I can’t wait to find out what my first job will be, and what my future will bring.

To all our readers – if you have an opening in your company – please reach out and begin the conversation with me at:

Published by: Bianca Spatola

The 2016 ESMS Challenge


Stephen Chandler Ericson & Kelly

Last year the ESMS intern team began a new tradition called, “The ESMS Challenge.”  What exactly is the challenge though?  Well, the interns are given $250.00 and are asked to select a nonprofit organization in the West Chester area to donate to.  After selecting an organization, it is their job to find donors to double the funds and purchase what is needed for that particular organization!  This year the 2016 ESMS intern team is happy to announce they have selected The Stephen Chandler Ericson Foundation as their organization.

Samantha Shupe 2015
Samantha Shupe 2015 Recipient

Laura Chandler Ericson and Joseph H. Ericson, Jr. established the Stephen Chandler Ericson scholarship in 1984.  They decided this scholarship would be awarded, annually, to a senior high school student in the Chester County area.  The goal of Stephen’s fund is to help young people with their education and to inspire them to develop the mindset that we are all in this life together and that we must help one another – to date 36 scholarships have been awarded.

The scholarship really hit home as college interns because we understand how much a scholarship can help a student achieve their academic goals.  Our personal goal is to do more than just double the funds given to us and give out a scholarship – our goal is to give back and continue to inspire the recipients that “One Life Makes a Difference.”

 To read more about Stephen or to donate to the foundation, click the link below!

Stephen Chandler Ericson Foundation


Published by: Stephanie Sywensky and Bianca Spatola