Bianca’s Job Search Journey

From the Interns Desk

wcu.png                                                             Bianca Spatola

As I am nearing the middle of my very last semester at West Chester University, I am beginning my job search journey. My goal is to secure a job this semester so that I can start right after I graduate. Cynthia has been a big help as she has been connecting me with people in her network that may be able to help me. I met with one of her connection’s that works as a Communications Specialist at Siemens Health Care. We discussed how he got to the position he is in, and he gave me advice on finding a job that is right for me.

I have also been utilizing LinkedIn to check what job opportunities are available. I found it has been harder to find entry-level jobs that I fit the criteria for on LinkedIn, but the WCU Ram Career Net has opened a lot of doors for me. There are mostly entry-level positions for graduating students. I have applied to multiple companies and have heard back from them all. Most of them tell me they would love to interview me, but not until March/April. They will reach back out to me then, and I will also start applying to positions more heavily then.

I have also reached out to a cousin of mine who works for an advertising agency in Philadelphia. She told me I would make a great addition to the company and encouraged me to apply. I used her name for reference in the application, hoping that will help me get a foot in the door.

As for now, I have been to a few interviews, which is great practice for me whether I get the job or not. I will continue searching for positions and connecting myself with people in Cynthia’s network.

With graduation only two months away, I have been feeling an array of emotions.  I cannot believe that my educational career is coming to an end.  My whole life I have been going to school; it’s the only lifestyle I know.  Now, I will be shifted into a work lifestyle.  It is both scary and exciting to start this new chapter of my life.  I can’t wait to find out what my first job will be, and what my future will bring.

To all our readers – if you have an opening in your company – please reach out and begin the conversation with me at:

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