Field Trip to Sunrise Rotary Club!

From the ESMS Intern’s Desk

As a college student the first thought that comes to mind when I hear “Rotary” is a stern group of older individuals who are involved in the community. Before attending a rotary meeting I assumed that these members got together to discuss problems and events within the county. Little did I know it is much more than this!

I must admit, as I entered my first Rotary meeting, I was a bit nervous. Cynthia made me at ease when she introduced me to each person we passed. One of my jobs as an intern for ESMS is to manage The Greater West Chester Sunrise Rotary Club’s social media pages; this means that I research and publish posts pertaining to the members and events within this club. As I was introduced to each member, it allowed me to put a face to the names I hear about each time I publish a new article. I was enthralled to learn more about these members outside of their professions. I had the pleasure to sit next to Dr. George Trajtenberg, and speak to him about classes he is taking at West Chester University! These individuals were some of the most welcoming and friendly people I have ever met! It really had me thinking, would I too, be interested in joining a rotary club in my life time?

From my perspective, what exactly is rotary? Rotary is a welcoming group of individuals of all ages that meet weekly to listen to guest speakers as well as once monthly to discuss key events and topics!  Rotarians are all about helping and giving back to the community.  I was fortunate to sit in on a guest speaker that is a leader in West Chester, Mayor Carolyn Comitta! It was a pleasure to not only personally meet her, but to listen to Mayor Comitta talk about the history and improvements within the town.  I left with an even deeper appreciation for WC and WCU.  After my experience today, I would definitely consider one day joining a rotary club!

Stephanie Sywensky
Stephanie Sywensky


Published by: Stephanie Sywensky



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