ESMS Interns Visit the Westtown-East Goshen Police Department

From The ESMS Interns Desk


Caroline’s Perspective:

On Friday, May 6, the ESMS team visited the Westtown-East Goshen Police Station. We had the opportunity to get an inside look at the station and see what goes on behind the scenes. The entire experience was very cool, because we got to see things up close that most people only just hear about! For example, the interns had the chance to not only see the holding cells, but we actually got to go inside them. We also were shown the belts officers wear on a daily basis, and the different tools they use on the belt. Just picking up a belt was difficult because of the weight – I can’t even imagine running around or being on the go, let alone just wearing one.

I think my favorite part of the tour was seeing the inside of a police car, and experiencing just how small the backseat is! I’m a pretty small person, and even I felt crammed being in the backseat – they definitely aren’t designed for anyone’s comfort! All the technology that is available in the vehicles is truly amazing – the police cars are essentially like offices on the go!

All in all, this experience was extremely informational and fun. Thank you Westtown-East Goshen Police for allowing us to visit your station, and most importantly for your committed service to our community!

Jen’s Perspective:

Every month here at ESMS, we participate in a program called Badges & Bagels where we bring bagels to the officers at The Westtown-East Goshen Police Station.  Last week, we were welcomed inside to get a full tour and meet some of the officers.  While there I really had a chance to appreciate what these officers do for our community and learned a lot along the way!

Everyone that we met was very welcoming and happy to tell us about their experiences while in the field.  They walked us through what was involved in the booking process when a suspect is arrested.   We sat inside of a police car, viewed the holding cells, and learned about the entire process of meeting bail and going in front of a judge.  There are numerous safety precautions that officers follow for the suspect’s safety along with their own. One part of the tour that I enjoyed the most, was when they went through the amount of gear they had to wear while on duty.  Ranging from a bullet proof vest, to firearms, to pepper spray, to handcuffs, these officers have to carry these around all day.  Altogether, the gear they have to wear weighs around 35 pounds! Overall, the experience was very informative and gave me a new perspective and appreciation for the officers that risk their safety for us to live and feel comfortable!