The Importance of Internships

From the ESMS Intern’s Desk

By Deanna Simonsen


ESMS 2017 Team Shot

I never would have thought that I would actually be thankful for the requirement of a fifth year in college. However, if I had graduated in four years, like most other students do, I would not have had the opportunity to do an internship. In just the past few months I have realized how important an internship truly is.

Up until around December of 2016 I didn’t think an internship was that crucial to my career. I realized that I didn’t have a lot of work experience and while I was actively involved on campus, that wouldn’t be enough to make me stand out to future employers. I decided that I should look for an internship to better prepare myself for a job outside of college, and I also knew it would look good on my resume.

While scrolling on Facebook I came across a posting from a girl that went to West Chester University. She stated that her employer was looking for an intern for the next semester. I immediately messaged her and got a little more information about the company and the position. I also did some research of my own. The more I looked into ESMS the more I fell in love with the company. Cynthia is involved with so many different causes outside of the business itself. I really liked that, and I liked the fact that I would get to learn more about the Chester County area. I thought a home-based company would be very beneficial for an internship because of the opportunity for one-on-one time.

I have learned an invaluable amount from just a few short months with ESMS. The opportunity to be involved with different causes for and outside of the company has also been very exciting. Working for a home-based company has been so beneficial and rewarding. I don’t think that a corporate job would have had nearly the same impact as ESMS has had on me.

I feel overall so much more prepared and confident than I did when I first arrived at ESMS. I have learned skills that I never thought I would have, but ones that will certainly help me in day-to-day life. Having an internship has put me one step above other students that have not had the same opportunity. I know now that when I begin to search for jobs upon graduating I will be more qualified than I would’ve been without an internship. Employers love to see internships on resumes because not only are they a great and valuable experience, but also they show that a student has gone above and beyond.

As my time at West Chester University has gone on it seems that more and more students are starting to realize the importance of internships. Upperclassmen typically are more interested in looking for internships than underclassman. However, I actually wish that I had begun looking during my junior or even sophomore year. I don’t think you can ever have enough experience before entering the search for a professional career. The earlier you start to look for an internship the more opportunities you will come across and the more knowledge you will gain.

While I do think a lot of it depends on your major as far as the drive to get an internship, I believe all students can benefit. I have noticed that a lot of students in the marketing department look for internships just simply to make them stand out from other applicants. In some cases with other majors, internships are almost a requirement depending on the specific field you are trying to get into.

I encourage everyone to think about pursuing an internship. There are a lot of different options for internships. Not all internships are non-paid coffee runners.  However, it is important to talk to current employees and interns at the company you are considering so that you can better understand what the position entails.

At West Chester University you can even take an internship for credits, even if it is paid.  Many different companies offer them as well. Anywhere from a small home-based company, to a billion dollar corporate business might offer internships. It is important to do a little research and find where you might fit. So whether you want it simply for the experience, to earn credits, or for the money, consider an internship.


**If you are a student at West Chester University consider using the Ram Career Network to look for your next internship, best of luck!

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