How Do You Choose The Right Internship?

By Intern Audrey Uebelhoer

Although it may seem cumbersome to find an internship, you may find yourself in a position where you must choose between multiple opportunities. You shouldn’t have to sell yourself short to find the right fit for you! Before making your final decision, consider all of your options very carefully….
DON’T just follow the money

Even though a paid internship sounds extremely appealing, it may not always be the best option for you. Instead of immediately taking the paid option over the unpaid, do research on both companies. Do their values reflect your own? Unpaid internships do not always mean you will be making copies and going on coffee runs. It may just mean it is not in the company’s budget to hire more staff. These companies took time to interview with you, and hire you. You are a crucial aspect of the team if you are paid OR unpaid.

Are you ready for the time commitment?
Time management is a skill you will need in your career, no matter what path you may take. Really take a look at yourself prior to saying yes to ANY job or internship opportunity. Will you be able to do what is asked of you? Are you sure you are ready for full-time? There is nothing worse than an intern not taking their job seriously. Now you have wasted not only the company’s time, but also your own time. Make sure you completely understand what you are getting into prior to saying yes.


Do your research!
Before you go on a picnic, you check the weather! Before you take an internship opportunity, DO YOUR RESEARCH! Prior to saying yes to any company, you should know the following things:
• The company mission statement
• Their values
• What specifically you as an intern will be doing for the company
• Who your supervisor will be
• What key skills you will learn from the internship they are offering

Internships are essential. To ensure you are choosing the right one, do your research and hold your values close. With these things in mind, you will choose an amazing opportunity for yourself.


Audrey Uebelhoer ESMS Intern Spring 2018