Teamwork makes the Dreamwork


By ESMS intern, Amanda Koser

Teamwork is a very important aspect of everyday life and a key to success. Teamwork has many benefits because working with others can lead to increased efficiency, the ability to focus different minds on the same problem, and mutual support. People might come up with much more ingenious ideas when working together then working on their own. Working together with your employees can blend complementary strengths. Each team member might bring a different strength to the table that you can utilize to adjust or improve your teamwork methods. Teamwork also can build trust because essentially you are relying on other people to do their share of the work in order to reach a common goal.

Develop a Strategy for your Teamwork!
• Power to make decisions
• Establish goals and objectives
• Productive team meetings
• Make individual progress visible to the whole team
• Make it enjoyable and fun

Power to make decisions
First, I think that everyone should have the power to make decisions. When you collaborate with you team and make decisions together, everyone as a team can be more successful. Letting everyone have the power to make decisions can motivate everyone to effectively work together and come up with creative ideas.

Establish goals and objectives
Research has showed that people tend to do better when they have clear targets to aim at. However, it is important that everyone in the group participates and gives feedback regularly, so the team has clearly defined goals, and this can improve a team’s performance and overall effectiveness.

Productive team meetings
It is important to have productive team meetings. One way that to promote effective teamwork is by using status reports that reflect/ what work has already been done and plans the future work.

Make Individual Progress visible to the whole team
To promote effective teamwork in the workplace, you need to make individual progress visible to the whole team. It’s important for your team to be aware of each other’s progress, so they can depend on one another to get the work done and meet their goals.

Make it enjoyable and fun
Lastly, if you try to have a little fun working as a team it will become an enjoyable process rather than an annoying obligation. This can really change everyone’s attitude about teamwork, motivate each other and boost team spirit.

In conclusion, you are going to have to work as a team in your profession, so you might as well try to be as successful as possible. Teamwork can lead to a lot more getting done than if you were working alone, and it can also establish strong relationships that can help you in the future.

Amanda Koser Candidate Summer 2018

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