“Giving Back to your Community”

From the ESMS Intern Desk

By: Bhaskari Budhavarapu

I attended my first panel discussion as a guest of Cynthia Ericson on Monday, September 17, 2018. The event discussed thoughts and ideas on “Effective Altruism” by three panelists located in West Chester, PA. The evening was sponsored by Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce and TD Bank.

I learned so much about the importance of non-profit organizations and giving back to the community. Effective altruism can be defined as a philosophical and social movement in which it uses evidence, resources and reasoning to find the most effective way to help others. Altruism comes naturally to some; but not all. What are effective ways to help people to care? To volunteer? To give a little? To give a lot? These were a few of the questions we all ask ourselves when it comes to volunteering and giving back, but this event left me with ideas and solutions to answer those questions. We watched a TedTalk by Peter Singer, which discussed examples of Altruism such as The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The three panelists, Cynthia Ericson, Noel Stanek, Michael Karwic, all are active members with non-profits in which they own or are a part of. They enlightened us with their experiences, struggles, and shared how we can start a non-profit organization through resources right here in Chester County!

The evening was also a wonderful networking opportunity. I spoke with Noel Stanek, where I shared my insights on a service project I’m currently passionate about. I hopethe Greater West Chester Chamber of Commerce continues to hold such wonderful and inspiring events.
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