Working As A Team- What Does It Mean To Be A Leader?

By Intern Audrey Uebelhoer


Working with new people can be a challenge, especially when multiple people share strong personalities.  How can you work effectively with new people without causing turmoil? This topic has been studied by many experts and scientists globally.  After all, if you cannot work with other people, your successes will be limited.

The most important thing to do when working in a team setting is to be kind.  Although this may sound cliché, no one wants to work with people who treat others unfairly.  Surprisingly, even adults may act as children in a work setting if fairness and equality are not stressed. Even if you are the head of the team, if you are unkind, your group will undoubtedly fail.  To make sure your entire team is being kind, make sure you team feels comfortable sharing things with each other so that issues can be resolved quickly.

To have a well working team of people, you must also ensure clarity.  This means clarifying the goal of your team.  Does everyone fully understand the philosophy of the company, and the main goals of the team?  Clarity must also be present when giving directions to each team member.  Although you should not micromanage any member of the team, make sure each member understands how to perform their specific task.  If they do not, ensure that they feel comfortable enough to ask for help.  Without clarity, you team will be lost in a fog of uncertainty.

Brainstorming for new ideas is another effective way to bring a team closer together.  Having brainstorming sessions brings incredible new ideas to the table, and also creates a better working atmosphere.  Asking each member of the team their own ideas, and listening well, builds trust in your team setting, which will ultimately increase work output.  A team who trusts each other is a team who also works much more effectively.

Above all, agreement is arguably the most crucial aspect of a team that works well. Formulating a strategy to come to an agreement when issues arise will decrease time arguing, and increase work output.  To do this, take a consensus from the group on what should be done when issues do arise BEFORE they do.  What should the consequences be? This also makes all members of the team feel valuable.

Being an effective leader does not mean bossing others around to complete a common goal.  It means being an equal part of the team, just as other members are.  If you ensure your team exudes good values, has excellent communication, and feels comfortable in your work setting, your team will work much more effectively.

Audrey Uebelhoer ESMS Intern Spring 2018

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