Field Trip to Sunrise Rotary Club!

From the ESMS Intern’s Desk

As a college student the first thought that comes to mind when I hear “Rotary” is a stern group of older individuals who are involved in the community. Before attending a rotary meeting I assumed that these members got together to discuss problems and events within the county. Little did I know it is much more than this!

I must admit, as I entered my first Rotary meeting, I was a bit nervous. Cynthia made me at ease when she introduced me to each person we passed. One of my jobs as an intern for ESMS is to manage The Greater West Chester Sunrise Rotary Club’s social media pages; this means that I research and publish posts pertaining to the members and events within this club. As I was introduced to each member, it allowed me to put a face to the names I hear about each time I publish a new article. I was enthralled to learn more about these members outside of their professions. I had the pleasure to sit next to Dr. George Trajtenberg, and speak to him about classes he is taking at West Chester University! These individuals were some of the most welcoming and friendly people I have ever met! It really had me thinking, would I too, be interested in joining a rotary club in my life time?

From my perspective, what exactly is rotary? Rotary is a welcoming group of individuals of all ages that meet weekly to listen to guest speakers as well as once monthly to discuss key events and topics!  Rotarians are all about helping and giving back to the community.  I was fortunate to sit in on a guest speaker that is a leader in West Chester, Mayor Carolyn Comitta! It was a pleasure to not only personally meet her, but to listen to Mayor Comitta talk about the history and improvements within the town.  I left with an even deeper appreciation for WC and WCU.  After my experience today, I would definitely consider one day joining a rotary club!

Stephanie Sywensky
Stephanie Sywensky


Published by: Stephanie Sywensky



The 2016 West Chester University Communication Studies Internship Fair

From The ESMS Intern’s Desk


On Thursday, March 17th, 2016, Cynthia Ericson and the ESMS team were invited to the West Chester University Communication Studies Fair. The Fair was an opportunity for students to network with companies in the area who are seeking interns for their businesses. Multiple tables were set up by each employer in one of WCU’s academic buildings with business cards and information on their internship programs. There were a total of 20 businesses that attended this event!

  • Modern Driven Media
  • Stratus Interactive
  • Piqued PR
  • Aramark
  • BVTLive!
  • Garage Community and Youth Center
  • Kelly Roach
  • West Chester Area School District
  • EBS Heath Care
  • Echoes
  • Metropolitan Flag and Banner Co.
  • National Constitution Center
  • Bringing Hope Home
  • Ericson Strategic Marketing Solutions, LLC
  • CSS Recruiting
  • Fox 29
  • Metflag
  • Search Actions
  • WCU Conference Services

The ESMS team had the pleasure of attending the WCU Communication Studies Fair and captured the event through photo and Videography! We were excited to meet the students and connect with them as they ventured through the fair! Several students approached our table and expressed an interest in our next open position for the summer of 2017.

As current interns, it was a great experience to see how Cynthia was able to present her company to students who are interested in becoming a part of the future ESMS team! We were also able to guide younger students in their intern search. We explained how important internships are, and why ESMS was the perfect fit for us. This event was as beneficial to us as it was for the students!



Published By: Stephanie Sywensky and Bianca Spatola

New ESMS Interns’ First Day!

From the ESMS Intern Desk


jen headshot
Jen Gallo


Today was my first day at ESMS and I learned a lot! I’m excited to start working with different social media outlets and begin working with new programs, such as Constant Contact.  Everyone here has been very helpful and have made me feel welcome and at home.  I can’t wait to continue working with the ESMS team in the upcoming months!






hannah headshot
Hannah Lamey


My first day of training at ESMS has been exhilarating. Every person I have met is extremely friendly and helpful. I have learned a great amount already and I can tell that there is so much more learning to do. I cannot wait to expand my knowledge and apply my learning to my work. I am so excited to continue here and I look forward for what is to come.




Published by: Jen Gallo and Hannah Lamey

Bianca’s Job Search Journey

From the Interns Desk

wcu.png                                                             Bianca Spatola

As I am nearing the middle of my very last semester at West Chester University, I am beginning my job search journey. My goal is to secure a job this semester so that I can start right after I graduate. Cynthia has been a big help as she has been connecting me with people in her network that may be able to help me. I met with one of her connection’s that works as a Communications Specialist at Siemens Health Care. We discussed how he got to the position he is in, and he gave me advice on finding a job that is right for me.

I have also been utilizing LinkedIn to check what job opportunities are available. I found it has been harder to find entry-level jobs that I fit the criteria for on LinkedIn, but the WCU Ram Career Net has opened a lot of doors for me. There are mostly entry-level positions for graduating students. I have applied to multiple companies and have heard back from them all. Most of them tell me they would love to interview me, but not until March/April. They will reach back out to me then, and I will also start applying to positions more heavily then.

I have also reached out to a cousin of mine who works for an advertising agency in Philadelphia. She told me I would make a great addition to the company and encouraged me to apply. I used her name for reference in the application, hoping that will help me get a foot in the door.

As for now, I have been to a few interviews, which is great practice for me whether I get the job or not. I will continue searching for positions and connecting myself with people in Cynthia’s network.

With graduation only two months away, I have been feeling an array of emotions.  I cannot believe that my educational career is coming to an end.  My whole life I have been going to school; it’s the only lifestyle I know.  Now, I will be shifted into a work lifestyle.  It is both scary and exciting to start this new chapter of my life.  I can’t wait to find out what my first job will be, and what my future will bring.

To all our readers – if you have an opening in your company – please reach out and begin the conversation with me at:

Published by: Bianca Spatola

The 2016 ESMS Challenge


Stephen Chandler Ericson & Kelly

Last year the ESMS intern team began a new tradition called, “The ESMS Challenge.”  What exactly is the challenge though?  Well, the interns are given $250.00 and are asked to select a nonprofit organization in the West Chester area to donate to.  After selecting an organization, it is their job to find donors to double the funds and purchase what is needed for that particular organization!  This year the 2016 ESMS intern team is happy to announce they have selected The Stephen Chandler Ericson Foundation as their organization.

Samantha Shupe 2015
Samantha Shupe 2015 Recipient

Laura Chandler Ericson and Joseph H. Ericson, Jr. established the Stephen Chandler Ericson scholarship in 1984.  They decided this scholarship would be awarded, annually, to a senior high school student in the Chester County area.  The goal of Stephen’s fund is to help young people with their education and to inspire them to develop the mindset that we are all in this life together and that we must help one another – to date 36 scholarships have been awarded.

The scholarship really hit home as college interns because we understand how much a scholarship can help a student achieve their academic goals.  Our personal goal is to do more than just double the funds given to us and give out a scholarship – our goal is to give back and continue to inspire the recipients that “One Life Makes a Difference.”

 To read more about Stephen or to donate to the foundation, click the link below!

Stephen Chandler Ericson Foundation


Published by: Stephanie Sywensky and Bianca Spatola

WCU Women in Leadership & Service

From the Interns Desk

wils 1

The ESMS team is proud to announce that Cynthia has most recently accepted a board position with the West Chester University Foundation, Women in Leadership and Service. This is an exciting opportunity to not only learn more about this foundation, but to be able to spread the word to other students who have not yet been exposed to this organization.

So, what exactly is “Women in Leadership and Service” (WILS)? WILS is a strategic resource for women students of West Chester University providing educational programs, leadership opportunities, and financial support while advocating for individual success. This organization thrives to empower and shape present and future generations of women students at WCU through leadership, mentorship, service and philanthropy!

Within the year ahead WILS intends to expand their services to help students with providing scholarships, programming, networking opportunities, and mentoring experiences that will ensure WCU students will have access to the tools they need beyond the campus resources!

Cynthia is looking forward to making a contribution to WILS, which advocates success to women and their leadership positions. We would like to congratulate her on this rewarding position!

For more information about WILS and how you can be a part of it, please click HERE!

IMG_1136-web      IMG_1165-web



landscape logo


Published by: Stephanie Sywensky and Bianca Spatola

Michael Halebian&Co.,Inc. Job Campaign!

From the Interns Desk

job campaign

ESMS is reaching out to recent college graduates with a job opportunity for one of our clients, Michael Halebian & Co., Inc. An entry level sales position in Eastern PA is available and we have been targeting recent college graduates who are looking to start their first “real job.” The ESMS team created an advertisement publicizing the job opportunity, and we shared it with the West Chester University community and a Philadelphia job fair.

45% of college graduates are still living at home with their parents and 68% of them expect financial support from Mom and Dad after leaving school. This is a great opportunity to give these recent graduates a running start to being on their own and becoming more independent. With a good starting base salary plus sales commission, this job can help young adults move out of their parents’ houses and start living on their own.

The ad will catch the attention of any recent college graduate who is looking for their first entry-level position, especially those who are still living at home. We used a graphic (shown above) of a young woman walking into the sunshine with a suitcase to resemble moving out into the world on your own. It shows that a bright and exciting future lies ahead. The post states all the information needed for those who show an interest: the salary, location, and contact information/instructions for inquires. The tone of the ad is inviting and encouraging for grads to apply to. Nothing is scarier than applying for your first job and thinking the professional world is intimidating!

I posted the ad to the West Chester University Class of 2016 Facebook page, because those students will be graduating in the Spring, as well as on the ESMS page, Cynthia Ericson’s personal page, and my personal page. We also created a post on the Ram Career Network, which is a website for the career development of WCUPA students. The career network also shared the post to other PA schools in their system to include Bloomsburg University, California University, Cheyney University, Clarion University, East Stroudsburg University, Edinboro University, Indiana University, Kutztown University, Lock Haven University, Millersville University, Shippensburg University and Slippery Rock University.

Stephanie, our newest intern, also looked into local job fairs where the company could host a table promoting the job opportunity. She came across the Philadelphia Career Fair, a segment of National Career Fairs, which will be held on Tuesday, January 26th, 2016. Cynthia and a representative from Halebian will host a table with business cards and brochures for prospective job applicants.

Visit the Michael Halebian & Co., Inc. website at

MHCO logo



Published by: Stephanie Sywensky and Bianca Spatola

Interviews at QVC

From the Interns Desk

Ash & Bianca 2015

On November 2nd 2015, Bianca and I had the opportunity to visit QVC Studio Park and meet with a few people who work there. As mentioned in one of our previous blogs, “The Power of Networking”, Cynthia had connected us with the Vice President of Commerce Support and Inventory Management at QVC. Getting the chance to sit down and meet with a VP was a great opportunity, not only to learn more about QVC and where I would fit in best, but also to practice my interviewing skills. After meeting with the VP, I was escorted to meet with an HR representative who spoke with me more about the internship program and how I would go about applying for a position.  Overall, this experience was extremely helpful for all opportunities to come in the future.

When Ashley and I went for our interviews at QVC, it was a very exciting experience.  As I sat in the waiting room, I was confident and excited to be introduced to the company.  I have always wanted to work at QVC, and this was my opportunity to get my foot in the door.  I first met with the Vice President of Commerce Support and Inventory Management.  She asked me about what classes I had taken that were most beneficial to me, the topics on my resume, and what my goals were at QVC.  She also shared with me what kind of departments were available for me to find a job in.  Then she directed me to a representative from HR to further discuss my options and job opportunities.  She also told me that when jobs are posted online, QVC wishes to fill the positions within the next couple of weeks; therefore, I cannot start applying for jobs until March/April because it will be closer to my graduation date and my availability.  It was a great opportunity to speak with both QVC reps, and I look forward to applying for jobs come the spring time!

The biggest takeaway Ashley and I had from this experience was that it is very important to ask questions.  Both the VP and the HR rep told us QVC recruiters love applicants who ask questions about the company and the available positions.  This was great advice that we can take with us for our future interviews at any company.






Published by: Ashley Mattes and Bianca Spatola

ESMS Field Trip-West Chester Food Cupboard

Food Cupboard Logo

On Wednesday, October 28th, 2015, the ESMS team took a field trip to the West Chester Food Cupboard.  The Food Cupboard is a volunteer-run nonprofit that provides food and personal care items to families and individuals in West Chester every month. The Food Cupboard believes no one should go hungry!  Once a month, West Chester residents in need can come receive non-perishable food items at no cost.   The cupboard provides food to over 500 households every month.  They receive donations from volunteers, food drives, grocery stores, and are in partnership with the Chester County Food Bank.  They are staffed entirely by volunteers and operate solely on monetary and product donations.


The ESMS team went on a tour of the organization, and we were shown the different food sections of the cupboard.  There are signs above each of the food sections that explain the allotted amount of items each individual can take.  The number of items each individual can take is based on how many people are in each household, and how much food the cupboard is available to give at that time.

This visit really opened up our eyes, especially because West Chester is one of the wealthiest communities in Pennsylvania and the nation.  Understanding the amount of people who are in need has caused us to think in a whole new way.

We were humbled by this experience, and Bianca Spatola will be running a food drive through her honors society at West Chester University as a community service project.


Click HERE to check out an article about the Food Cupboard, and be sure to visit their website!


Published by: Ashley Mattes and Bianca Spatola

The Power of Networking

Ashley’s Perspective

IMG_5689 (2)

Ever since I’ve been immersed in the working world I have learned that networking is crucial to success. Mainly from my experience it’s all about who you know. So creating a broad circle of connections allows anyone to be able to reach out to people even if you just met or have yet to meet. Getting on LinkedIn really helped me reach a larger and more professional audience that could help me along my career.  I currently have 419 connections on LinkedIn and by posting a resume people have reached out to me for various reasons. Even if someone reaches out to you for something you cannot do for them it is still a good start to building a relationship. You never know how networking can end up; someone you know could connect you to the person that can give you your dream job. Being an intern, it is important that I have people in my world that can help me get to the next stage of my life.

Working at ESMS and having Cynthia as a boss has made networking have even deeper importance. She has such a broad Center of Influence which she utilizes to the maximum when it comes to helping the interns to obtain their next goal. A few weeks ago she even connected me to someone at QVC who could potentially set me up with my next internship. I have also gotten some responses to the Constant Contact Campaign that she sent out about me! She truly does everything in her power to help us get to the next step in our career.

Bianca’s Perspective 

Bianca SpatolaNetworking and having connections is so important when finding a career because knowing the right person can land you the job you want!  In the business world, it’s all about relationships and who you know.  It is important to introduce and share who you know to others because you never know where an opportunity might blossom from.  LinkedIn is also a great tool to expand your Centers of Influence.

Working here at ESMS was one of the best decisions I could have made at this time in my life.  As I am in search of my “big-girl job”, Cynthia has been helping me immensely connecting me whenever she can.  She connects me with her Rotary Club, OIC, and her clients.  She even sent out a mass email to all of her connections promoting me and my job search.

Cynthia introduced me to a colleague/friend, now an Executive with QVC, who she has known for over 25 years.  I hope to work at QVC in the future and by meeting with this connection I am one step closer to accomplishing my goal. I appreciate all that Cynthia does to help me move on into the business world, and I am certain that she will be the reason for my first real job!


Visit our website!


Visit QVC’s website!

Published by: Ashley Mattes and Bianca Spatola